Steampunk Victoriana

Yesterdays Craftsmanship, Tomorrow's Future
a Project by 2 Crazy House-Lovers


What can you find on my web site? There isn’t much stuff on it so far, still working on it. What you might be interested in is my Picture Gallery of all the "Before" pics here.

About Us And This Restoration Project

It begins...

Hi there,    
So you’ve found some time to visit our web site? You must be, interested in old homes, restoration techniques or our journey.  While there are many good sites out there (In here?) like and many others I'm glad you wanted to see us.

Neil Powers
Greetings - My name is Neil, I’m 40 and I live in Pittsburgh, PA (Now).  Currently, I’m a website consultant with, a WebMaster and more.  I love old victorian homes and decided for my 40th Birthday to take a plunge and look for the impossible.  Like in Green Acres (Old TV Show for those younger than 30), I traded my 6000 sq ft home and modern life for a $9000 super fixer upper.  I know that the journey will be interesting, fruitful and I expect blood, sweat and tears along the way. 

Laura Reading
And salutations from me as well--I'm Laura.  I'm Neil's other half.  I'm 33, and obviously, I live in Pittsburgh, PA as well.  Like Neil, it's been my life's dream to live in an victorian home that we've rehabilitated over the years, so this is an adventure I've been excited about ever since Neil dropped this on me.

Alcuin Louis Frost
Bonjour - My name is Alcuin, I'm 26 and have known Neil for the better part of my life.
I've always wanted to live in a victorian house, and getting to rebuild one is awesome!
I'm a jack of trades, but mostly a cook. Moved here along with Neil & Laura back in December, hopping on this adventure to a new life.

You don’t really need to know anything else about either of us. Enjoy our web site.