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More done, Treasures found and 30amps in a bathroom?

Weekend update, we got many things done. We found a treasure. The bathroom has a 30amp circuit?
Hello all,

Not redoing the last post, but adding some new items. 

So we are 60% plumbed, enough to get water turned on as we are roughing it andh ave been for last 3 weeks+.  It's been drinking 5 gallon filtered water, driving 50 min to a truck stop with nice, private showers and endless hot water for $10 and using rainwater to make a comode flush. Fun-Fun.  The water company is coming in 4 days... why does it take sooo long?

We starting working to recover the 2nd floor restroom also.  The tub drain works (I think), the comode does leak very well between the tank and the bowl... it's very old. Anyone getting rid of one? The sink also leaks at the trap, but thats an easy fix.  I also fixed the lights (2 60 watt - note for later) to be on all the time until I find my bag of light switches... they are here somewhere.  We also started sealing the wall and plan to do insulation and plastic for now as the 2nd floor kitchen and bath are to become a master bath once the first floor is livable.

I got fuses, finally as being modern day computer users we blew many.  We had to learn to live under 60 amps with the homes "special" wiring.  So, the second floor is like this; 1 30 amp fuse for all outlets except the kitchen and bath), 1 30 amp for the bathroom, 1 30 amp fuse for the kitchen and its 1 outlet. 1. 1 for the fridge, freezer, microwave and appliances. 1.  In the beginning we would start the microwave and blow a fuse as it was on the circuit with 3 computers. We learned to then turn off this and that to heat food or run the shop vac. A learning experience at best.

Treasures!!!! We were cleaning out some areas and found an old german (working) cookoo clock that appears hand carved. Pics after we do more research on it.

If you have any house hand me downs we would love to include them here. Looking for Toilets, Old jetted tub, Cabinates, Commercial Mop Bucket, Old house sash windows, doors, electrical boxes, gas heaters (antique or not), Sinks, Dishwasher, Gas Stove, Gas Oven, Gas cook top, Gas Dryer, Washer, or a working Water heater.  Email and we can work on pickup, I'll drive up to 90 miles from pittsburgh depending on the item.

If you need $ and can haul away plaster lath, already in boxes or general hauling of stuff... email also.

- The Steampunk Victoriana Renovation Nuts (lol)

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