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Third floor

Third floor
From start to finish cleaning & making the third floor livable.


I know we've been lacking on updates late. It's not because we've been sitting around not doing stuff, last couple of months have been busy. Anyway as winter faded we realized that we could no longer all share one floor. Bed rooms and some kind of privacy was needed, thus we started on the third floor. The whole project took about three weeks, and while it's not finished it's livable like the second flood. Here's some before shots so you can get an idea how we did things.
As you can see the place was a total mess. There was about half a foot of plaster and lathe covering the whole floor. The first thing we had to do was get it all hulled off.
Also there was zero instillation on this floor, however we did find some Sheetrock up here.
Once the mess was cleared away we cleaned the floors. While doing so we found out that they used to be painted, and are the nicest floors in the house. Also all the windows fully work.
Mind you this is the floors while still wet. Not nearly as pretty when dry.
The mijorty of the work had to be done during the day as there was no power on the third floor. Only one outlet which would sometimes house a light, but mostly was home to a power shot stable gun, and music. Next came instullating the whole of the floor. We even rented a blower to fill the hard to reach spots as well the floor. Blowers are a total pain in the butt to drag up stairs, thankfully we had enough hose that we could leave it on the second floor. All of this was a dirty messy affair.
The hall light did work.
We had to pull up parts of the floor to run wire. We may add more outlets later on, but for now we have one four slot outlet on one side of the room & a single outlet with two USB slots above the bed. We also have a total of three hanging lights in the room.
Lights and current look of the room. It's fairly dust free up here. The three windows let in enough natural light so the lights aren't needed until after sunset. Saves on power & is well ventilated. The other side of the room is used for storage. I think that's about it.

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